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Why Choose Barb's Pool Service

We are a locally owned and operated full-service pool service company serving Charlotte County and North Port. We are an active member of the Florida Swimming Pool Association and a Certified Swimming Pool Contractor licensed in the state of Florida. Since 1986 Barb's Pool Service has been meeting the needs and exceeding the expectations of pool owners throughout Southwest Florida.

Our professional staff represents 100 years of combined experience in the pool services industry and our trained technicians maintain pools and spas for hundreds of homeowners every week. From cleaning and maintenance to equipment installation and repair; we do it all! We can even pressure wash and re-seal your deck or driveway! Whatever your pool care needs, Barb's Pool Service has the training and experience to do the job right the first time. If you are looking for quality pool service at an affordable price, you have come to the right place!


Pool service companies are a dime a dozen in beautiful Southwest Florida and new companies are popping-up all the time. Be sure that the company you trust with your pool maintenance has the training and experience to maintain your pool or spa properly. The staff at Barb's Pool Service represents 100 years of combined industry experience and we have had the pleasure of servicing and maintaining thousands of Southwest Florida pools since opening our doors in 1986. Don't settle for a fly-by-night pool services company!

Licensed and Certified

Certified Pool Contractors in the state of Florida are required to meet strict standards set forth by the National Swimming Pool Foundation, the Florida Swimming Pool Association, and the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals. Certification involves training and instruction in pool structures and finishes, circulation systems and hydraulics, chemistry and water treatment, electrical system repair, and pool safety and maintenance. Continuing education is mandatory and is provided by the CILB. If your pool services company is not licensed in the state of Florida, find one that is.

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About Barb's Pool Service

About Barb's Pool Service

Barb's Pool Service is a family owned business located in beautiful Port Charlotte, Florida. We have been servicing and maintaining pools in Charlotte county and North Port since 1986. We are an active member of the Florida Swimming Pool Association and a Certified Swimming Pool Contractor in The Sunshine State.

At Barb's Pool Service we believe that courteous, professional service is the key to our success and longevity and we strive every day to exceed the expectations of our clients. Our trained, professional staff have 100 years of combined industry experience and are dedicated to making your pool ownership enjoyable and trouble free.

We proudly provide quality, affordable pool service to hundreds of satisfied customers every week and would be happy to extend our services to you. Take a few moments to fill out our convenient Service Request Form and let us show you what quality service is all about!

Pool Maintenance Port Charlotte

Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

While the joys of pool ownership are many, owning and maintaining a pool can be a troublesome and time-consuming endeavor. That's where Barb's Pool Service can help! We offer a variety of affordable service plans to help you keep your pool clean and safe.

For local customers with caged pool no larger than 15' x 30', we've got three (3) flat-rate plans to choose from (chemicals INCLUDED)! For those with larger, or open air pools, we'll customize a plan for you! Whatever your pool maintenance needs, Barb's Pool Service will make it work! After all, 'service' is our surname! Give us a call @ 1-941-629-7005, or use our online contact form.

Our Most Popular Plan

$145.00/mo. - Chemicals Included*

  • Adjust Water Levels - Weekly
  • Test Water - Weekly
  • Chemical Balance - Weekly
  • Clean Baskets - Bi-Weekly
  • Clean Tiles - Bi-Weekly
  • Vacuum Pool - Bi-Weekly (As Needed)
  • Brush - Bi-Weekly

Full Service Plan

$165.00/mo. - Chemicals Included*

  • Adjust Water Levels - Weekly
  • Test Water - Weekly
  • Chemical Balance - Weekly
  • Clean Baskets - Weekly
  • Clean Tiles - Weekly
  • Vacuum Pool - As Needed
  • Brush - Weekly

Customized Services

Call For Quote*

  • Equipment Repair
  • Equipment Installation
  • Pressure Wash
  • Green Pool Restore
  • Deck Re-Seal
  • Shock Treatment
  • Pressure Wash

*Flat rate pricing is for caged pools no larger than 15' x 30'. Flat rate pricing does not include specialty chemicals like sequestering agents, phosphate removers, or algicides. For pools larger than 15' x 30' and open air pools, please call for a quote.

Pool Service North Port

Swimming Pool Chemical Balance

A clear pool is not necessarily a clean pool. The chemical balance of your pool's water is vital, not only to your pool's health, but to the health of your family. Barb's Pool Service can help you to maintain balance!

While your pool's filtering system goes a long way toward keeping the water clean, chemistry is what makes it safe. Carefully maintaining the chemical balance of your pool water will help to eliminate bacteria that thrives in untreated water and will eradicate dangerous pathogens introduced to the water from external sources. A poor chemical balance can cause eye and skin irritation, damage pool surfaces and equipment, and cause your pool water to appear cloudy.

Many factors can affect the chemical balance of your pool water: oils from your skin, sunlight, rain water, even your favorite pool toys, just to name a few. Maintaining a proper chemical balance is a delicate and an ongoing process and involves the use of some pretty nasty chemicals. The experienced staff at Barb's Pool Service maintains hundreds of pools throughout Southwest Florida and we would be happy to analyze your water's chemical balance for you. Our professionally trained technicians are instructed in the proper handling of chemicals and have experience with a huge variety of pool systems and water treatment programs.

Pool Cleaning North Port

Swimming Pool Stain Removal

Barb's Pool Service is a Certified Stain Specialist! Let us show you how we can remove unsightly stains and blemishes from your pool walls or pool bottom without spending an arm and a leg!

Barb's Pool Service is a Certified Stain Removal Specialist! What does that mean to you? It means that we can save you both time and money with our Certified Stain Removal Techniques!

Unlike traditional stain removal techniques which typically involve draining of your pool, expensive acid washing, then re-filling your swimming pool and balancing and conditioning your pool water, Barb's Certified Stain Removal process does not require draining or acid washing! This makes removing stains from your pool's interior far less costly and time consuming!

Our advanced stain removal techniques are effective, efficient and less labor intensive than tradition techniques and will have your outdoor oasis looking new and inviting in no time at all! Contact Us today for your free evaluation!

Pool Equipment Port Charlotte

Swimming Pool Equipment Repair

Your pool is not just a body of water, it is a complex system of components working together to provide you and your family with clean, safe water to enjoy at your leisure. When components fail, your family's health and the health of your pool are at risk.

Your pool system is comprised of a variety of equipment; from pumps and filters to heaters and control modules, which perform a sundry of tasks to insure that your pool will deliver years of enjoyment for you and your family. Failure of these components can affect water quality, temperature, and even the lifespan of other components within the system.

Barb's Pool Service technicians have experience with all matter of pool equipment failures and can diagnose and, in many cases, repair your equipment quickly and efficiently. Our knowledgeable staff are familiar with the product offerings of all major equipment manufactures and are well-versed in all the latest pool technologies. We can help guide you to the highest quality and most affordable products in the industry should you need to replace damaged components, and we can install them for you! Contact Us today for a free quote!

Having your pool's systems and equipment evaluated regularly can help prevent costly repair bills. Contact Us to have yours evaluated today!

Pool Cleaning Punta Gorda

Green Pool Restore

So, you got a great deal on a foreclosed home, but the pool is a mess! Let Barb's Pool Service turn your "green" pool "blue" again! Contact us today for a free quote!

Green water swimming pools are not only unappealing, they can be hazardous to your health. The most common cause of green pool water is algae. Algae blooms occur when there are insufficient levels of chlorine, unbalanced PH levels, or improper chemical mixtures within your pool's water. A faulty pool filter will also give algae an opportunity to thrive.

Another potential cause of green pool water is the presence of metals in your water. High concentrations of copper, iron, manganese, or other metals may react chemically with the chlorine in your pool water and give the pool a greenish tinge. If your pool appears to be free of algae, yet the water is still somewhat green, metals may be the culprit.

The experts at Barb's Pool Service can help you determine what specific conditions are causing your green pool woes and can quickly develop a plan of action to turn your green pool blue again. Bring a water sample to our office or request service online and we'll test the waters, identify the problem and offer recommendations on how to resolve the issue.

Deck Re-Seal Port Charlotte

Deck Re-Seal

Pool decks are sealed to protect and maintain the integrity of the underlying material. Over time sealants break down, leaving your deck unprotected. Barb's Pool Service can re-seal your deck to insure that it has the protection it needs.

Sealers protect your pool deck against weather, water, stains, and abrasives. Sealers also give your decking material an attractive sheen, make clean-up easier and in many instances, provide greater traction (an important consideration around the pool).

Over time harsh chemicals, pooling water, and daily foot traffic can undermine the integrity of your deck seal leading to pitting, cracking and peeling. To avoid costly damage to your pool decking we recommend that you clean and re-seal your decking on a regular basis. The amount of foot traffic, level of exposure to the elements of nature and the efficiency of your deck's drainage system all play a role in the longevity of your deck's seal. The trained staff a Barb's Pool Service can evaluate the integrity of your pool deck's seal and offer recommendations regarding its proper care.

Re-sealing your deck can help extend wear, improve traction, and enhance the appearance of your pool area. Our trained staff has years of experience with a variety of decking materials and sealers. We can offer advice on proper care, recommend appropriate seals and even provide tips on how you can do the job yourself! Or, if you prefer, we will be happy to re-seal your deck for you! Contact Us today for your free evaluation!

Pressure Washing Punta Gorda

Pressure Washing

The area surrounding your pool is a breeding ground for molds and algae, which over time can undermine pool equipment, water quality and safety. Regular pressure washing will help keep molds and algae in check and keep your pool area looking like new.

Southwest Florida's high humidity produces an environment ideal for the proliferation of algae and mold and because the decking that surrounds your pool is often moist, these unwanted guests tend to thrive there. Failure to keep mold and algae growth in check can be detrimental to your pool's equipment, water quality, and the health of your family. Regular use of our pressure washing service will help to inhibit the growth of mold and algae on your decking and pool cage, and keep your pool and it's surroundings looking new and inviting.

Regular cleaning of your deck is also important for maintaining the integrity of your deck's seal. The deck seal is the first line of defense against erosion, chemical abrasion and weather. Unsealed decks, or decks with an undermined seal, are prone to cracking, peeling, and stains. Regular cleaning helps maintain deck seals and extends the life of your pool deck.

Our pressure washing services extend beyond your pool cage. We can make your driveway, curbing, and walkways clean and inviting, as well. Contact Us today to learn more about our pressure washing services!

Special Offers

Pool Service Offers Port Charlotte

Referral Program

You are our greatest asset, and our most effective advertising medium! We want to reward you for spreading the word about Barb's Pool Service. Simply tell your friends about the great service you receive from Barb's and when your friends sign-up for service, tell them to mention your name. We'll give you a twenty-five dollar gift card for dinner at a local restaurant for every referral! Of course you may feel obligated to invite your friend to dinner, as well.

Pool Service Offers Port Charlotte

Future Offers

Barb's Pool Service runs specials on a fairly regular basis. From discounts on pool and spa equipment, to special values on pool chemicals. Check back often to stay updated on all the great specials available from Barb's or call us toll free @ 1-888-289-6379.

Frequently Asked Questions


Are salt water pools chlorine-free?


No. Salt-chlorine generation is simply a method of producing chlorine, which is used to sanitize your pool water - just like a traditional chlorine pool. You are producing chlorine from salt, rather than adding it directly.


Are salt water pools easier to maintain?


This is a common misconception. While you do not have to add chlorine like a traditional chlorine pool, a salt water pool still requires the same degree of maintenance. You still have to test and maintain pH, alkalinity, and calcium levels on a weekly basis.


Are salt water pools cheaper to maintain?


Most people save little or no money over a 5-10 year time period. The cost of buying the salt chlorine generator system, maintaining the system, replacing cells, and making repairs normally outweighs any savings.


How long do I have to wait to use my swimming pool after chemical treatment?


Generally it is safe to use your pool after chemicals have dispersed throughout the pool, usually 15 minutes to one hour. If shocking your pool, wait until the chlorine levels drops to recommended levels.


What causes Chlorine odor, red eyes and itchy skin?


Contrary to popular belief, a strong chemical smell coming from your pool is not necessarily from too much chlorine. Instead, these conditions are likely due to high levels of chloromides which form when Chlorine combines with body oils, perspiration, and other contaminates in the water.


What's the big deal with pool chemistry?


Proper chemical balance helps insure healthy swimming condition, protects pool fixtures and equipment, and keeps your pool's water clear and inviting..


Is it O.K. to use the pool chemicals I have left over from last year?


Always check the expiration date on your pool chemicals before using, and replace any chemicals that have expired. Remember to always dispose of expired chemicals in accordance with your local, state and federal laws.


What are the advantages of buying pool chemicals from a pool professional as opposed to a big box store?


Professional pool services generally offer reputable brands that are proven in the field, day in and day out. In addition, reputable pool professionals have knowledge and experience that you will not find at your average retailer. Your pool represents a huge investment, letting a pool professional advise you on proper chemicals and treatments helps protect your investment for years to come.


How much can I save by using a variable speed vs a single speed pump?


Replacing your old pool pump with a new variable-speed pump can save up to $75 per month on your electric bill? While a variable-speed pump is more costly than the less efficient single-speed pumps, they should pay for themselves within two years. Even better, they will continue paying for themselves for years to come!


When is the best time to run my pool's filtration system?


Generally speaking, you want to run your filtration system during the hottest times of the day - between 9am-6pm.


Do I have to service the pool every week?


While there are many variables that affect your pool's ability to maintain chemical balance, we strongly recommend weekly service. Weekly pool service helps ensure a safe and healthy swimming pool and insures that problems are identified and dealt with before they cause any major damage.


What should I expect from my Pool and hot tub Professional?


Besides clean, chemically balanced water and efficient equipment operation, you should expect that your pool professional will share any safety concerns and alert you to any issues that may lead to costly repairs later on. In addition, your pool professional should be capable of answering any questions or concerns you may have.

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