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Green Pool Restore

So, you got a great deal on a foreclosed home, but the pool is a mess! Let Barb's Pool Service turn your "green" pool "blue" again! Contact us today for a free quote!

Green water swimming pools are not only unappealing, they can be hazardous to your health. The most common cause of green pool water is algae. Algae blooms occur when there are insufficient levels of chlorine, unbalanced PH levels, or improper chemical mixtures within your pool's water. A faulty pool filter will also give algae an opportunity to thrive.

Another potential cause of green pool water is the presence of metals in your water. High concentrations of copper, iron, manganese, or other metals may react chemically with the chlorine in your pool water and give the pool a greenish tinge. If your pool appears to be free of algae, yet the water is still somewhat green, metals may be the culprit.

The experts at Barb's Pool Service can help you determine what specific conditions are causing your green pool woes and can quickly develop a plan of action to turn your green pool blue again. Bring a water sample to our office or request service online and we'll test the waters, identify the problem and offer recommendations on how to resolve the issue.

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