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Swimming Pool Chemical Balance

A clear pool is not necessarily a clean pool. The chemical balance of your pool's water is vital, not only to your pool's health, but to the health of your family. Barb's Pool Service can help you to maintain balance!

While your pool's filtering system goes a long way toward keeping the water clean, chemistry is what makes it safe. Carefully maintaining the chemical balance of your pool water will help to eliminate bacteria that thrives in untreated water and will eradicate dangerous pathogens introduced to the water from external sources. A poor chemical balance can cause eye and skin irritation, damage pool surfaces and equipment, and cause your pool water to appear cloudy.

Many factors can affect the chemical balance of your pool water: oils from your skin, sunlight, rain water, even your favorite pool toys, just to name a few. Maintaining a proper chemical balance is a delicate and an ongoing process and involves the use of some pretty nasty chemicals. The experienced staff at Barb's Pool Service maintains hundreds of pools throughout Southwest Florida and we would be happy to analyze your water's chemical balance for you. Our professionally trained technicians are instructed in the proper handling of chemicals and have experience with a huge variety of pool systems and water treatment programs.

Contact Us today for a free water analysis and let us restore balance to your pool water!

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